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Franchising the Call of Duty World League

The SportsBusiness Journal reported earlier this week that Activision Blizzard has confirmed seven owners for its Overwatch League. Locations such as New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami-Orlando, Boston, Seoul and Shanghai are involved, with Robert KraftNew England Patriots owner, as the highest-profile owner.

Earlier this week we heard rumblings that Activision Blizzard reportedly has plans to franchise Call of Duty esports, similar to Overwatch, according to Richard Lewis.

“Activision Blizzard have openly communicated to these brands their intention to run a similar league for their Call of Duty series,” Lewis said. “While still in the very early stages of planning the launch date could be as soon as six months after the Overwatch League becomes active.”

Why franchising is good for Call of Duty.

The Call of Duty World League (CWL) currently follows the relegation model, comparable to something like the British Premier League.

The threat of losing a CWL spot has made it difficult for many teams’ to secure long-term sponsorships. Without long-term sponsorships, teams tend to prioritize short-term gains when building rosters. Permanent partnerships will help teams develop long-term talent and sustain financial growth, not to mention the possibility of generational fandom.

Things like the Challenger Series, League of Legends form of Minor League Baseball, would help smaller organizations compete for a spot in the CWL. Franchised teams will be able to develop prospects in a Challenger Series like league, creating an opportunity for teams to let go of veteran players that seem like a safe bet. Many teams seem to hold on to players that aren’t progressing in order to keep their CWL spot, but not necessarily compete for a World Championship.

Teams like OpTic, EnVyUs and FaZe would have the best shot of becoming one of these franchised teams because of their rabid fan bases and longevity in Call of Duty.


Skrapz: ‘Something I never thought was possible’

FNATIC qualified for Stage 2 of the Global Pro League this month. They’re a team many think are on the cusp of that second tier of teams and Skrapz has been a huge part of their recent success.

I reached out to Skrapz to talk about Stage 2, playing with his twin brother, and his goals for the rest of Infinite Warfare.

You recently qualified to play in the CWL Global Pro League Stage 2 playoffs. In Stage 1 you placed 13th-16th. What do you think is the biggest difference from Stage 1 to Stage 2?

The biggest difference from Stage 1 is we just clutched up together, think we just wanted it so much more as well going into Stage 2 we just wanted to prove to ourselves what we can do.

What’s it like to play and succeed with your twin brother, Wuskin?

Playing with my brother is a dream come true to be honest. Since the age of 10 playing every day with him, clan battles on MW2, MW3 and BO2 staying up all night playing against Americans then going school, then joining FNATIC one of the biggest organizations in the world, traveling everywhere with him to play a video game is unreal.

You and your brother like to joke around on Twitter. Is your lightheartedness a key to your success?

The way me and my brother are with each other and joke with each other I wouldn’t say it’s something towards our success, but it just betters everything really. Always good vibes always laughing and joking. Just something your normal person wants to be around.

It has been around 7 months since you joined FNATIC, what is it like playing for a powerhouse esports organization like FNATIC?

When Tommey told us we was joining FNATIC, I messaged SunnyB and said that’s not happening, didn’t seem real to be honest. Something I never thought was possible, all happened so quick now I have loads of jerseys with my name on the back. Feels great representing this organization, they don’t mess about. The best organization I’ve ever been in!

What are your goals as a team/individual going into Stage 2 playoffs and the Call of Duty World League Championship?

Our goal going into playoffs and champs is obviously to win them. But with the competition on this game and all the good teams you don’t know who’s gonna win it, just wanna bring it to all the big teams and show we can hang with the big teams to be honest.